Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Worlds best replacement LED lights

I found these to be just like the incandescents they replaced but a little brighter. Not too white or blue but more yellow like I like. They are on amazon.

GRV Ba15s 1156 1141 High Power Car LED Bulb 102-3528SMD DC 12V Warm White Pack of 10

Home and thoughts on first trip of the season.

The RV is back to bed. We had to rewinterize because of freezing temps expected this week. In fact we had snow today.

While I enjoyed parts of this trip there were challenges also. The biggest being high winds. We had several days where we just hunkered down in the RV and let it shake and roll. Sleeping was very hard when there was so much movement and noise from the wind. In addition we got bounced off the road onto the shoulder by a passing semi. They passed too close and then got hit by a high wind gust that then caused their air displacement to bounce us off the road. Very scary. Most semis went by hugging the opposite side of the lane so this did not happen.

We also almost got run off by an oncoming pick up truck with trailer that was over the center line on a narrow two lane road.

We had to reroute the end of the trip through Albuquerque due to winds. A fair number of days were driving in the wind which was uncomfortable and stressful.

We narrowly avoided freezing temps a number of times. We had rv antifreeze on board to put in the tanks whenever things looked too close for comfort. Our RV furnace kept the inside toasty but I noticed the volume of air was down, it didn't blow as strongly as it has in the past so that is something we have to trouble shoot. Could be low voltage from the batteries or damaged ductwork. The ductwork is getting very old and brittle.

We also discovered our rear motoraid heater. This was fabulous for heating up the rear of the motorhome before stopping. Because we had never traveled in the cold before we had never used it. For normal driving the dash heat was just fine but that motoraid heater was great to turn on a half hour before stopping and get everything toasty warm.

As usual we loved the motoraid hot water. It is always nice to have hot water when going down the road to wash your hands and to use when you first get to a stop without having to turn on the hot water heater.

The RV had been rewinterized and put back to bed at the storage lot. I don't think I would do a trip at this time of year again. Too much wind!

On a side note we had so many campgrounds with hookups this trip that I got quite spoiled with taking long showers. When you can dump every day or every other day you can shower as long as you want, no conserving water. :-)

Back to Lake Pueblo

 We liked Lake Pueblo and were happy to stay there again but there were a couple new places we wanted to try on the way home. However the deciding factor was Lake Pueblo was the only one of them that wasn't expecting freezing temp. that night.

Isleta Resort and Casino RV Park

Our destination was the Isleta Resort and Casino RV Park. We LOVED this park. Plenty of nice walking paths around the lakes for the dog. Nice sites. Free shuttle to the hotel for gluten free meals. Train to Albuquerque and Sante Fe. We will be staying here again when in the area.

Gluten free breakfast! The first meal out of the trip.

 Any rail and bus schedule for downtown right from the RV park.
 Our very nice spot. You do hear the train noise and horns during the day but they didn't run at night. You also can hear I-25 traffic outside during the day but not in the RV. At night we heard a little at first because we sent to bed very early but overnight it was quiet and then started up in the morning.

Valley of Fires Recreation Area

Our overnight was planned for Valley of Fires Recreation Area, where we got a fabulous campsite. It was at the top of the hill and widely spaced from the neighbors. It had no hookups but they had quite a few with hook ups. Those were occupied. The hook up ones had slightly tighter spacing.

There looked to be some nice trails/displays but we got hit with a big regional windstorm. It appeared the only way out was bright and early the next morning with a destination of Albuquerque. So that is what we did, left early, and didn't really get to see the park.

Bosque Del Apache Wildlife Refuge

We stopped at Bosque Del Apache Wildlife Refuge but it was the wrong time of year so a bust. Looks like it would be spectacular in winter when the birds are there.

Lake Roberts

This was also one of my favorite campgrounds of the trip. Pretty little lake. Nicely spaced sites.

Those of you from areas with water likely would be underwhelmed. But being from dry CO we love any pretty water we see because it is so uncommon. There were two campgrounds around Lake Roberts. The lower one had no hook ups so we chose the upper one with hook ups.

This is where I recommend staying if you are going to Gila. It is a pretty easy drive (if you aren't in an RV) over the to monument and back and can easily be done in a day. That being said we did see an RV larger than ours that had made the trip. It was a longer class C. I don't think any of the big As should go. It really helped to be shorter and a narrow body RV like ours.